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Finance and Lending or Corporate Restructuring

We are specialists in business structures and restructuring, either debt or equity, and have many years of experience in the banking and finance industries. We have established very strong relationships within the banking and finance sectors so we are able to provide you with access to finance and funding you never thought was possible. So if you thought business growth meant going cap in hand to your bank manager - think again.

However, the first thing we do is develop our knowledge of you and your business. We’ll examine the people and relationships within your organisation to best find out how we can optimise your assets and the performance of your people.

We’ll help create strong relationships and networks that may assist to strengthen your financial position and find the cheapest and/or best way to access funds.

Whether it is just a loan, we’re able to advise and negotiate, on your behalf, for the best deal consistent with your objectives, not necessarily the bank’s objectives.

We can examine your ownership structures prior to applying for finance, and we may be able to provide you with some wider options.

We will perform pre-acquisition due diligence, making sure that the ‘homework’ has been done before you commit to your growth strategy.

And even introduce other options you may not have considered such as equity finance, or private equity raising and property syndications.

In all cases, our utmost goal is to provide you with the best possible service guaranteeing confidentiality and striving for satisfaction in providing you with the best fit to your finances and business development.